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        Welcome to TOP machinery co., LTD!
        Animal Dung & Manure Dewatering Machine

        Price:Non - standard customized
        Package: Wooden box
        Place of Origin:China
        Minimum order quantity:1 Set

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        Product Introduction

        This equipment is used for dewater the drug and alcohol residues, however, it can separate the pig, duck, ox, chickens shit into liquid and solid organic fertilizer.

        Working Principle

        The submerged pump elevates the waste into the separator, then presser gradually push the material in top of the machine, and increase the pressure, force the liquid squeezes the mesh screen under the pressure of side press filter. When it gets into the suitable pressure, the remained waste will thrust the loading mouth. The working of solid and liquid separator is continuous, and waste after processed by the screw presser can directly transmit to sedimentation tank.


        This machine can be widely used for separate the solid and liquid of the high concentrate organic sewage such as, animal shit, ZYF, lees, drug residue, starch residue, sauce residue, slaughter plant, chicken rubbish etc.

        Practicability: the separate speed of this machine is very high, the water content of waste is between 55-65%, and the water content can be variable. It can be used for different ingredients fodder (glass and concentrated feed). It is very convenient to transportation; the solid particle is suitable for fish fodder and the organic raw material as well.

        Main Features

        Advancement: this machine has strong ability to dirt-remove, no back up, and it is easy to clean. The waste water after processing, its solid content, chemical oxygen demand, total removal rate of total oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus can keep between 70-95%.

        Durability: the screen and flood dragon is made up of the nickel alloy steels and high intensive carbon steel of this machine. It is anticorrosion, high strength, and it has long service life.

        Economical efficiency: it has a high degree of automation, low power consumption, lower cost. It is easy to operate, only press the on & off button.


        Average efficiencym3/h



        pig slurry

        Chicken manure water






        Customize according to customer needs

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